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The two main types of Benzoin are Siam (styrax tonkinensis) and Sumatra (styrax benzoin). The Sumatran type is much cheaper to produce and coarser than the superior Siam quality. As Benzoin is a resinoid, it comes in solid form. Absolute Aromas has used an odourless diluent - benzyl benzoate - to liquefy it so that it is practical to use. Even diluted to 40%, it can still solidify easily and the bottle may be warmed in the hands or in warm water before use. Benzoin is balsamic, warming and penetrating yet gentle.Method of Extraction:

Sweet, rich vanilla-like, warming dark amber like colour

Suggested uses:
Steam distilled from the resin, Benzoin is sweet, rich, vanilla-like and is of a warm amber colour. It is useful for all the family, particularly during the winter months when it is ideal for use in steam inhalations as well as in baths or massage blends for dry or weather-worn skin. In a steam inhalation, try blending with 1 each of Eucalyptus (especially Eucalyptus Radiata for children), Tea Tree or Frankincense.

As a treat for weather-worn skin (gardeners and windsurfers take note!), add 2 drops each of Benzoin, Lavender and Orange to a jar of unfragranced cream or to 10ml of Sweet Almond oil and massage in thoroughly.
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