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Absolute Aromas LogoMethod of Extraction:
Water distilled from the orange blossom.

Subtle, sweet-floral aroma. Clear to pale yellow in colour.

Suggested uses:
Try wearing one drop behind each ear before an important interview.
A few drops added to your favourite facial oil will also benefit any skincare routine.

Also known as Orange Blossom or Neroli Bigarade, this essential oil is water distilled from the flowers of the cultivated Bitter Orange tree. The Orange flowers must be distilled immediately after picking, as they decay very quickly. Tunisia is the most highly regarded producer of this exotic floral oil. This delightful oil has been carefully distilled in Tunisia with brand new, top quality equipment by skilled and experienced distillers. The difference is apparent in the quality.
The Neroli in this product is 100% pure and natural. For your convenience, it has been diluted to 5% in Coconut Oil, a wonderfully light moisturising oil. It can be used directly on the skin as a perfume or combined with other oils as a massage or bath blend.

Did you know?
To represent innocence and love, orange flower petals are often seen in wedding bouquets.

Specific Safety Advice:
To be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy.
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