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Traditional Earcandles - 5 Pairs
Naturally wellbeing
Traditional Earcandling
Indian Wellbeing-Ritual
Earcandles with the magical scent of honey, sage and camomile
Original BIOSUN for over 30 years

Calming. Relaxing. Energizing
New Security Filter

Feel the magic of fire and allow yourself to experience beneficial relaxation. Original BIOSUN Earcandles have their origin in the centuries old culture of the indigenous peoples. They have a soothing and relaxing, purely physical effect. BIOSUN Earcandles have been successfully used by therapists in naturopathy for decades.

Additionally, earcandles activate the ear's self-cleaning abilities and therefore positively support aural hygiene.

Treat yourself to a traditional Indian wellbeing ritual with your partner and your family.

Handmade in a loving manner, we use only the best, regularly tested and 100% natural ingredients.
Naturally in product and packaging.

The red line marking and an inserted new, patented security filter guarantee simple and reliable application.

Quality is our first aim, Trust the market leader. Over 30 years of experience. Millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

1. Preparation:
Create a relaxed atmosphere before you start. You will experience earcandling much more intensely if you keep your eyes closed. The room should be draught free, so the flame will burn smoothly. Keep yourself warm with a blanket. Lie down on one side in a comfortable position. Support your head slightly with a pillow so that the auditory canal is in a vertical position. Draught in the room while the earcandles is alight can result in small, cold ash particles blowing off the earcandle. In order to protect your hair and clothing, your partner can place a cover around the treatment area.
2. Lighting:
When preparations are complete, your partner sits comfortably next to you or behind you.
They should light the earcandle at the unlabelled end and place the non-burning end gently into the outer ear passage.  A slightly rotating movement should be applied until the earcandle is sealed in place.
NOTE: Directly after lighting the Earcandle, white vapour may escape from the non-burning end (security filter). This is part of the treatment. By this the warmth is transported into the ear passage. Simply close the opening with your thumb for a moment before placing the Earcandle on the ear with gentle pressure and a slight rotating movement
The Earcandle is placed properly when there is no white vapour escaping from the side and you hear the pleasant crackling and hissing of the flame.
Your partner will hold the earcandle firmly in place throughout the process.  They will take care that no hair is within reach of the flame.
3. Burning down:
The Earcandle has to be lit at the unlabelled end, opposite the security filter.
It will never put itself out!
At the most, the earcandle may be burnt down to 1cm above the security line (maximum burn) marking. Carefully remove the remainder of the Earcandle and extinguish it in the glass of water ready nearby.
4. Treat both ears:
It is generally advisable to treat both ears one after the other, each with a new Earcandle. 
Any condensation material that remains attached to the fine ear hairs should be removed.
5. Subsequent rest:
A subsequent rest of about 15-30 minutes will positively support the overall result.
Enjoy soft wellbeing music and/or the smell of essential oils during this phase as well.
6. Storage:
Please always store Earcandles in a dry and cool place.

Please read information leaflet carefully before use.
BIOSUN Earcandles are about 22cm long and have a burning time of 10-12 minutes. Earcandles are used by setting them alight. Beware of fire hazard! Please store the Earcandles out of childrens reach.
For safety reasons we do not recommend you to carry out the treatment by yourself. It should always be done by an assisting person (e.g. partner). This will ensure your safety during the treatment and enables a considerably deeper relaxation.
Before you start, always place a glass of water within reach in order to extinguish the earcandle.
Do not remove the safety filter in any case.
Do you suffer from chronic or acute diseases? Do you feel earcandling may not suit you? In this case you should by all means consult a therapist of your confidence for further advice. In the presemce of a perforated eardrum or tympanostomy tube implants we strictly do not recommend the use of Earcandles. The same applies to all kinds of inflammations of the ear or skin diseases in and around the ear. Very occasionally allergic reactions to its ingredients are reported. This takes the form of spontaneous itchiness and can be relieved with suitable eardrops.
The application of Earcandles is at your own risk and responsibility.
If you follow the instructions carefully, the application will be simple and reliable.

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