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Dryer Eggs Fragrance Free 

The egg-shaped dryer balls making drying your clothes quick and easy.

  • Reduces drying time – proven to reduce tumble drying time by up to 28%, ecoegg Dryer Eggs help to separate your laundry so that more air can circulate, drying each item quickly and efficiently*
  • A lighter load on the planet… and your pocket – reduce drying time to use less energy AND spend less on your household energy bills – it’s a win win!
  • Perfect for sensitive skin – dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, the Dryer Eggs add a delicate scent to your laundry whilst being gentle on sensitive skin. These Dryer Eggs are also available in fragrance free.
  • An eggtravagant design – the patented nodule design on the ecoegg Dryer Eggs leave your laundry super soft, eliminating the need for a fabric softener.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the ecoegg Dryer Eggs if you have a Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer.

The Fragrance Free ecoegg Dryer Eggs contain no perfume, so are the perfect choice for those with delicate skin.

Push fragrance stick into each of the Dryer Eggs.
Place both ecoegg Dryer Eggs into the drum of your  tumble dryer along with your laundry to reduce the drying time.
The nodules on the ecoegg Dryer Egg will soften your clothes - no need to use fabric conditioner.
Ideal to use after washing your clothes with the ecoegg Laundry Egg.

Not tested on animals.
Suitable for vegans.