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8 Regular + 6 Super Tampons
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Flo Get Set Pack
8 Regular + 6 Super
100% Organic Cotton Tampons
With Silky Smooth Applicators

Hello Gorgeous!
Fancy some 100% Orgainc Cotton Tampons?
At Flo, we're all about keeping it 100:
100% Organic Cotton Tampons
100% BPA Applicators
100% Committed To Supporting Girl's Health, Education & Economic Empowerment

8 Regular - Light to Medium Flow/ 6-9g
6 Super - Medium to Heavy Flow/ 9-12g

Put On Your Happy-Dance Pants!
Congratulations, your period is now 100% free of nasties!
This means no synthetic fibre, cotton pesticides, chlorine, BPA or dioxin chemicals, allergens or freagrances.
You're also providing mentrual products & educational support to girls in need: Win-Win.

100% Organic Cotton, 100% BPA Free Compact Applicator, 100% Sass.

Always use the lowest absorbancy for your flow & change every 4-8 hours.

Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but serious illness that may be fatal. Read & save the enclosed info.
The pack is made from recycable and biodegradable material.
5% of profits goes to girls & women in need.

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