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Silicea Cold Sore Gel
With Pure Mineral Silicea
Dries out herpes blisters
Soothes burning and itching

The active ingredient of Hubner Original Silicea Cold Sore Gel is silica gel, a compound formed by the mineral silicon (Si), oxygen and water.
One of the outstanding properties of silica gel beside it's soothing effect on burning and itching sensation is its high bonding capacity on secretions. This means the secretions from the cold sore are bound to the gel and the blisters are systematically dried out. In this way, the spread of the virus is restricted. Reduces tingling, burning and itching.

2g Gel contains 1,9g silica gel as active ingredient.
Other components: Pentylene glycol, carrageenan, α-bisabolol, potassium sorbate, solution of citric acid.

Please read the instructions for use carefully.
Gel for external use in cases of a cold sore (herpes labialis).
Apply Hubner Original Silica Cold Sore Gel up to 5 times a day to the affected areas of skin with a cotton bud or a clean fingertip.
Please note: To avoid further infection, hands should be washed thoroughly before and after applying the gel.
Please replace the cap on the tube after each application.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Do not store above 25oC.
Use within 6 months of opening.

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