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Salitair - The Original Salt Inhaler
Helps maintain respiratory health
For people concerned about symptoms associated with respiratory difficulties

Created by nature over millions of years, the salty atmosphere of the deep rock salt mines in Eastern Europe has been used for centuries to ease the symptoms of respiratory discomforts. Salitair is a convenient refillable chamber that has been designed to recreate a similar microclimate, giving you access to salt therapy wherever and whenever you need it.

Rock salt crystals are positioned between the filters inside Salitair. When inhaling, the salty, ionised air permeates through your respiratory system.

The refillable design of the salt chamber will ensure that your device will maintain its freshness and ensures optimum performance for years to come.

This pack contains:
Salitair Salt Inhaler

Class I Medical Device - CE Mark
No product or advice is solely intended to replace current medication, diagnose or cure any problems.
Please see your doctor if you are concerned about the applicability of this product in relation to your own condition.

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