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Protecor is a delicious tasting liquid supplement that can help maintain a healthy heart and circulation. The main ingredient in Protecor is hawthorn berries, which are traditionally known to help support the cardio-vascular system. In addition, pomegranate, red grapes and vitamin E provide the body with anti-oxidants, which help the body to fight free radicals. Magnesium helps the body with many important metabolic processes and it helps relax the muscles including the heart.

Due to the ageing process the power of the heart begins to decrease at 30 so it is wise to start to fuel the heart from this age onwards. Protecor is also an ideal supplement for sportsmen and sportswomen who put higher demands on their hearts.

Hawthorn berry pulp (32%), water, magnesium gluconate, grape concentrate (6.8%), carob extract, apricot concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate (4%), mango concentrate, apple juice concentrate. Magnesium hydrogencitrate, natural flavours, colouring vegetable extract (from blueberry extract and carrot extract), lemon juice concentrate, red grape skin extract (0.2%), Vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol acetate).

Take one measuring capful (20ml) once daily before a meal.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Protecor is not recommended for children or during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
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