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Heather - Self-centred but not self-pitying. Desire to talk about and unburden their self on others. Obsessed with their own problems. Desperate for an audience. The needy child. Possessiveness.

How to choose your remedy
Choosing the correct Bach Flower remedy can be as easy or difficult as admitting how you are feeling. Read through the descriptions to detect one or perhaps several remedies that fit either yourself or the intended patient. The object is to come as close as possible to the negative state being exhibited. Try to be as honest as possible in admitting to flaws. Try not to be more caring than judgemental, and more intuitive than intellectual. Read the descriptions as trends rather than merely as absolutes. Use them to gain insight into negative behaviour patterns and thereby as clues toward an effective cure. Since we are all unique a different solution may be required for any given problem. Remember that no harm will come if the remedy is incorrect. In the case where several remedies seem to be required then these can be taken as a mixture.

Brandy, flower essence.  Alcohol 40% by volume.

Place 4 drops in a glass of water, if used singly, or for a combination remedy use 2 drops of each.  Sip occasionally throughout the day as required.

Free from Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Sugar & Salt.
Suitable for Vegans.

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