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FUSION Allergt Eye Spray 
For treatment and care of dry, irritated or inflamed eyes and eyelids due to allergic conjunctivitis (Hayfever) or dry eye.

- preservative free eye spray
- reduces symptoms of eye inflammation and reduces allergen induced inflammation symptoms of the conjunctiva
- contains Ectoin, a natural, cell-protective molecule with inflammation-reducing and membrane-stabilising properties

Ectoin, Soy Lecithin, Physiological Buffer System, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Water

Spray 1-2 times on the close eyelids, several times a day.
Children under 2 years should not exceed a total amount of 4 applications (1-2 sprays per eye) a day.
There is no dosage restriction for persons aged 2 years and over.
FUSION Allergy Eye Spray can be used multiple times per hour.


Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use for more than 3 months after opening.

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