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Hyperiforce St John's Wort is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve slightly low mood and anxiety, exclusively based on long-standing use as a traditional herbal remedy.

With the pace of modern life, many people can feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Feeling low, stress and anxiety can wear the body down, making it hard to cope. 

Hyperiforce tablets can help with the symptoms such as:

  • Feeling down or low
  • Feeling stressed and anxious

Hyperiforce St John's Wort tablets is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms of slightly low mood and mild anxiety, exclusively based on long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

1 tablet contains 40 - 73 mg of extract (as dry extract) from fresh St. John's wort  (Hypericum perforatum L.) flowering herb (3.1-4.0:1). Extraction solvent: ethanol 68% V/V. The other ingredients used for the tablet are microcrystalline cellulose, maize starch, soya polysaccharide and hydrogenated cottonseed oil. This product contains soya polysaccharide. Do not use if you are allergic to peanut or soya.

Adults and the elderly: 1 tablet three times daily.

Not for use in children or those under 18.
For oral use only.
Don't take more than the recommended dose.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, have been diagnosed with depression, if you think you may be depressed or if you are about to undergo surgery.

St. John's wort products must not be taken at the same time as many medicines prescribed by your doctor, hormonal contraceptives, including the Pill and some medicines you can buy. Please read leaflet carefully before use.

Increased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight may occur in rare cases, especially in fair-skinned individuals.


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