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Absolute Aromas LogoCoriander is a bittersweet, spicy, peppery oil with a warming and uplifting aroma. It is a great oil for the digestive system thus a good choice for abdominal massage. It is also one of the world's oldest culinary spices.

Plant Family:
Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)

Method Of Extraction:
The Oil is steamed distilled from the crushed seeds of the fruit. Coriander is a herb that grows up to 90cm in height. It has green leaves, small white flowers and small round fruits. It is colourless to pale yellow and cultivated all over Europe, particularly in Russia.

When convalescing or generally lacking appetite, try a daily abdomen massage with 1 drop of Coriander and 2 drops of Bergamot, blended in two teaspoons of Peach Kernel oil. Always massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction. Or try 2 drops of Coriander and 2 drops of Ginger, diluted in one teaspoon of Coconut oil and added to a warm bath to lift your spirits and ease general aches and pains.

Did you know:
Coriander was used as a herb of protection in medieval Europe, people would hang it in their homes or have it growing in their garden to bring security and peace to their households.

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